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Commercial / Industrial Facility Analysis

Commercial and industrial facilities often have unique problems or issues that can lead to significant costs and / or downtime.  The professionals at 3E Energy can come in and evaluate your facility for specific problems using their proven method of finding and evaluating problems.  This multi-step process is briefly shown in the outline below.  Customers often find this service as a very valuable tool to bring in an unbiased third party for evaluating internal or external proposals.


  • Identify Scope and Issues
  • Areas to be evaluated
  • Problems / Concerns
    • Costs / Budgets
    • Growth up or down
    • Electrical (i.e. distribution, power quality, etc.)
    • Mechanical (cooling, heating, smelting, etc.)
    • Operations
    • Unique process issues
    • Other
  • Form Team and bring in Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as required
  • Formulate a site specific approach to collect and evaluate data.
  • Gather Data
    • Electric loads and consumption history
    • Gas loads and consumption history
    • Specific equipment information
    • Measure or meter devices or areas as required
    • Determine throughputs
    • Operating hours and procedures
    • Identify bottlenecks in process
    • Key metrics for site / industry for benchmarking
  • Evaluate and Analyze the Data
  • Formulate Recommendations
  • Document and Report Findings and Recommendations


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