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3E Energy is an independent energy consulting firm. We specialize in helping our customers optimize and control mechanical and electrical equipment through better operations and the incorporation of more efficient technologies. We diligently strive to provide our clients with independent objective analysis and innovative cost effective solutions for lowering costs while improving reliability.

3E Energy was founded by industry veterans Mark Pavelka, Kevin Brosette and Bob Jones. Together they have over 90 years experience in the energy industry.  By contracting 3E Energy, you gain access to engineering professionals with extensive industry knowledge and considerable hands-on experience.

As an independent engineering services company, we're not affiliated with any single company or equipment vendor. That means we present you with unbiased advice and impartial information that is not designed to sell a specific vendorís products or services.

As a consulting firm, 3E Energy does not offer a "one size fits all" solution and works with clients at varying levels of sophistication to identify specific areas of value for each individual organization.

3E Energy has provided quality services to many customers including utilities, commercial real estate, healthcare, data centers, manufacturing facilities, poultry, food, transportation, banks, mortgage companies, churches, hotels, convention centers, sports arenas and others.


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