Spicy Lemon Lime Popsicle Recipe

by Katie on Sep 26, 2023

Get a boost of natural energy with our refreshing spicy lemon lime popsicle recipe! If you’re craving a cool, zesty way to beat the heat, then you’re going to love our spicy lemon lime popsicles.

Using the 3E Energy Elixir in Spicy Lemon Lime, you can easily make a healthy treat for a refreshing dessert or snack. Read on for our spicy lemon lime popsicle recipe and some simple tips to further spice up these tasty delights.

Spicy lemon lime popsicles

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Servings: Our spicy lemon lime popsicle recipe makes about 4 popsicles, depending on the size of your molds, but it can easily be doubled or tripled to make more servings.

What you’ll need

  • Blender or food processor
  • Popsicle molds

Popsicle mold substitute: If you don’t have any popsicle molds, some alternatives that you can use with popsicle sticks are an ice cube tray or paper or plastic cups — and even without popsicle sticks, you can enjoy this frozen treat with small plastic freezer bags instead!


While you could make these popsicles with just a can of our 3E Energy drink in Spicy Lemon Lime, we highly encourage using more ingredients for our spicy lemon lime popsicle recipe — feel free to experiment and change things up to suit your preferences!

For our favorite way to enjoy spicy lemon lime popsicles, here are the ingredients needed: 

  • 1 can of 3E Energy drink in Spicy Lemon Lime
  • ¼ cup of coconut water or coconut milk/cream
  • ¼ cup of lemon or lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon of honey or agave

Additional mix-ins

Other optional ingredients we love to include in our spicy lemon lime popsicle recipe are lemon or lime zest, mint and other fresh herbs like basil or thyme. They add a great texture to the popsicles and an extra zing of flavor!

And if you have the time, you can also make your popsicles prettier and tastier with thin slices of skinned lemons or limes — they'll look stunning when frozen and also provide a delightful bite as you enjoy your spicy lemon lime popsicles.


  • Blend — Blend all the liquid ingredients in your blender or food processor. You can make the texture as smooth or as chunky as you want. Remember to taste as you go and make adjustments to fit your preferences.

  • Add your mix-ins — Once you've achieved the desired consistency, add in whatever mix-ins you prefer, mixing manually instead of with your blender. This makes sure you can still enjoy the different textures. But if you want a completely smooth popsicle, add them in before blending.

  • Pour — Pour the mixture into your chosen molds. If you're using plastic bags, simply zip them up or tie them closed so that they're easy to peel open and enjoy later.

  • Freeze — Place your popsicles in the freezer for at least 3 hours.

  • Enjoy — Serve up the popsicles as a post-meal dessert or enjoy them whenever you need a healthy, yummy pick-me-up!

    Note: If you won’t be adding any solid ingredients, you can actually create the mixture manually. However, coconut milk or cream tends to solidify, so it may not completely blend into your popsicle mixture without the help of a kitchen tool.

    Refresh yourself with 3E Energy Elixir's spicy lemon lime popsicle recipe

    Enjoy the 3E Energy Elixir in a new way with our spicy lemon lime popsicle recipe — go with our classic combination, or feel free to jazz it up with your own special blend of ingredients!

    Try making our spicy lemon lime popsicles today and share your creations with us on our Instagram. We'd love to see all the ways you get a boost of healthy, natural energy with 3E Energy drink.